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eRQL The eRqlEngine is a prototype implementation for an eRQL processor. It comes with a simple graphical user interface.


The following pictures are showing the eRqlEngine in action. To see them in full size just click on them.

Screenshot 'Picasso'

Query 'Picasso'

Screenshot Query '[rodin] [[first_name] OR [creates]]'

Query '[rodin] [[first_name] OR [creates]]'

Screenshot Query '<august rodin>'

Query '<august rodin>'

Screenshot Query '~~~ pablo'

Query '~~~ pablo'

Screenshot der Konsolenausgabe von eRqlEngine

eRqlEngine commandline output


To run eRqlEngine you need at least JRE 1.4.0 or higher.


eRqlEngine is Open Source/ Free Software, and GPL compatible. See the eRqlEngine license for details. Note that as this license is GPL compatible, it is possible to redistribute software based on eRqlEngine sources under a GPL license.

Evolution and downloads

The actual version is eRqlEngine (including source code). The zip file also includes the RqlEngine implementaion (including source code).

The Java API can be viewed online:


The author of the software is


For feedback and questions please contact:

Karsten Tolle
Fabian Wleklinski